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Welcome on the website of:
Wim en Ina Fokkert.
We run a partime based small farm and want to show you some of the things we are busy with. One of the big aimes of our work is the breeding of new plants and fine animals. Just to create new potato varieties and animals gives us much satisfaction.

In this way, we are active in breeding:

Holstein Friesian dairy cows.
Potato Varieties.
Wyandottes Chickens.

We just want to tell and show you something about these activities. On the whole site we show some pictures of the neighbourhood in which we are working and living in. We hope you enjoy and by this you are invited to come and see again, because it is a running business.
It will be an open door to tell that you are allways welcome on location. Don't hesitate.


Loveshem Holsteins
Oudeweg 27
6974 AC, 
Leuvenheim (Holland)
Tel Home : 0575-565066
Tel Ina : 06-21275427
Tel Wim : 06-23475800
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Update: 06-11-2012

Grandad with his best cow in 1938

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